In 2017 the Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control awarded grants for the following work on wildlife fertility control:

Hilari French, DVM, PhD, DACT, DABVP, Interim Head, Department of Clinical Sciences, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
“Porcine Zona Pellucida and Recombinant Zona Pellucida Vaccine as Immunocontraceptives for a Population Control Program in Caribbean Donkeys.” Click Here to learn more about Hilari and her work.

Dan Salkeld, Research Scientist II and Biology Teacher in Colorado State University’s College of Natural Sciences
“Management of Urban Black-tailed Prairie Dog Populations using Non-Lethal Reproductive Control.”  Click Here to learn more about Dan and his work.

Paul Hartig of University of Florida
“Recombinant Immunocontraceptive Vaccines to Control Rodent and Ultimately Other Wildlife Species.”

Laurie Briggs Co-Director, Treasurer & Development Director of
“The Clifton Deer Program: Cincinnati’s Non-lethal Deer Fertility Control Pilot Research Study.” Click Here to learn more about Laurie and her work.