The BIWFC strives to educate the public, wildlife managers and policymakers about wildlife fertility control. 

Wild Pigs

BIWFC Newsletters

The Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control produces a quarterly e-newsletter and several printed versions each year.

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The Botstiber Institute For Wildlife Fertility Control aims to advance effective, sustainable fertility control methods to manage wildlife populations worldwide. In an effort to educate wildlife managers, policymakers, and the public on wildlife fertility control we are providing the following downloadable fact sheets.
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Solving Problems With Deer 

A template conflict management and coexistence plan for white-tailed deer

This Plan, created by The Humane Society of the United States, provides municipal and community leaders with a framework to build stakeholder engagement, identify root causes of conflict, and comprehensively address problems using a science-based and sustainable approach.  CLICK HERE to access the Plan.


Speaker Presentations

The Institute has hosted several workshops, conferences and symposiums on wildlife fertility control. Videos and Powerpoints of the speaker presentations from these events are available for viewing. CLICK HERE to view speaker presentations.

• Pathways 2019 BIWFC Speaker Presentations – September 2019

• Pennsylvania Urban Deer Conflict Management Seminar – March 2019

• Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Fertility Control Workshop – November 2018

• Urban Deer Fertility Control Workshop – May 2018

• 8th International Conference on Wildlife Fertility Control – July 2017


News Articles about Wildlife Fertility Control Worldwide

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