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Educational Film

“An Overview of Wildlife Fertility Control” 

The Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control (BIWFC) is excited to share with you the film, “An Overview of Wildlife Fertility Control,” which will be available for viewing in February. We are proud of our results, and we hope that you enjoy viewing it.

For a preview of the film click on the trailer to the left.

As a little background of where we started, this film was created with the intention of educating the public and creating connections between wildlife managers, researchers and advocates. It also tells the story of ongoing research and projects in the United States related to wildlife fertility control. The goal is to inform someone who may not know much at all about wildlife fertility control (or perhaps has misconceptions) by giving them a full informative overview of the field.

Between 2018-2019, our small BIWFC crew traveled to Assateague Island (Maryland), Estes Park and Fort Collins(Colorado), The Pryor Mountains and the Science & Conservation Center (Montana), Flagstaff, Oatman and the Black Mountain Herd Management Area (Arizona), and Staten Island (New York). We also conducted as many interviews as we could arrange at various conferences.

During our journeys, we were met with incredible generosity of time and knowledge from all those we interviewed. There were many other people interviewed who do not appear in the film and plenty of interview footage that could not be included in this one overview film. Our goal has been, whenever possible, to continue to weave the unused footage into our ever-growing popular short film “vignette” series posted on our website. Besides posting the film to our website and social media, we will also look for every appropriate opportunity/venue to present the film.